book signing
October 12, 2020

Battle of Bands Books – they have arrived finally..apologies for the delay..the pre orders have been posted in mail today #battleofbandsbook #bands #livemusic #80s #rocknroll # Melbourne Music #musicislife #indieauthor #selfpublished #booklover #bookworm #80smusic

September 7, 2020

Battle of Bands, The Book That Became A Much-Needed Musical Outlet for a Crushed Singer Battle of Bands, Paul Milnes’s debut novel, reflects a positive creative outlet and a shining light during the darkest period in Paul’s life. It has been described as nostalgic, chilling, and thought provoking. Published in August 2020, the novel is…

September 1, 2020

How do you tell an awesome story that will keep readers turning pages? Maybe the best way to judge a story is by how good the climax is. No this is not a sex education class 😉 If your story isn’t any good, the climax will be mixed up or dull. An eye catching story,…