Battle of Bands


This book has been in the making for literally three decades. First putting pencil to paper back in 1991, I wrote the first chapter or so while spending two nights in a hospital bed at Mossman, North Queensland. This was followed by many countless late nights writing bits and pieces over the years, even decades. The past two to three years have been more intense, borderline obsessed with the completion of writing, hiring, and collaborating with professional editors.

The book was born around a handful of songs that had been written and performed. The song ‘Carefully Sold’ was written on a farm when I was 19 and various other songs over the years.

Having whooping cough in early 2010s damaged my vocal cords, destroyed my confidence, and my self-esteem. Visiting dark and stormy places in my mind, I haven’t sung nor played in my band, Lizardskin, or any form since. A feeling of dead-man walking cursed me. Writing this story became a positive creative outlet, shining a much-needed light during the darkest of times.

Those who know me well will know I get no more thrill and enjoyment than out of telling and sharing a good story or yarn over a few beers. I hope you enjoy my first attempt of story-writing and novel.

Battle of Bands

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